Why is Salesforce The Best Customer Relationship Management Solution for Your Business Growth?


The role of customer retention and customer relationship is quite essential for every business. In the modern world, customers have become not only tech-savvy but also innovative. Gone are the days when customers believed in everything advertised or marketed.

The customer of the present era thinks twice and researches thrice before making a purchasing decision. Product quality or quantity matters for modern customers, and many more factors also matter.

Here comes CRM – Customer Relationship Management tools into the play.

Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM, is the most comprehensive CRM solution provider. It has a more extensive user base when compared to other CRMs.

The cloud computing solution is known for offering out-of-the-box services that enable businesses to implement cutting-edge technologies. According to a survey by Salesforce, the firms who have opted for Salesforce consulting services or Salesforce implementation services, such companies have experienced 38% growth in the decision-making process.

For the businesses that have hired Salesforce consulting company, their revenue shot up by 25%, and customer satisfaction improved by 35%.

Collect Profitable Leads and Convert Them into Loyal Customers with Salesforce CRM Services

Salesforce is the most extensive CRM in the world. It is compact with numerous analytics features that empower businesses to make insightful and well-informed decisions concerning different departments like marketing, sales, services, b2b businesses, b2c businesses, commerce, and many more.

Salesforce solutions help businesses achieve proficiency in various departments. With the help of Salesforce, companies can maintain customer relationships efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly.

Salesforce is a giant solution. It has an industry-specific solution wherein the features related to a specific industry differ from others.

Yet the solution is compact with multiple benefits that bring effectiveness & growth to businesses.

The Best Reasons Why Salesforce is The Best Choice for Businesses

Following are some of the most acceptable arguments on what makes Salesforce the best CRM software in the market –

  • Businesses bring transparency into their process and among different team members with the help of Salesforce.
  • The cloud computing solution empowers the marketing employees of the company in building and tracking multiple marketing programs.
  • Thanks to Salesforce CRM implementation services, the marketing team can easily capture and transfer the leads to the sales team without hassle.
  • It will become super easy for businesses to maintain track of the multiple customer complaints and monitor them thoroughly based on the resolutions.
  • Salesforce integration with the existing business system empowers the services team to deliver an on-time and instant solution to customers based on priority. It leads to better customer satisfaction.
  • Salesforce ensures that problems don’t get neglected in any way and get resolved by the particular stakeholder at the soonest.
  • One of the best features of Salesforce is its integration capability. A company can easily link Salesforce and its legacy system through the AppExchange system. It makes this CRM the world’s most powerful solution.
  • Salesforce offers the best-in-class training and support services for different industries. There is a plethora of online help manuals & video walkthroughs. It enables customers to find a solution to their problems rapidly.

The Advantages That Salesforce CRM offers and That Help Your Business Grow

The pool of benefits is enormous. Cloud computing CRM has proven advantageous in different industries and their respective domains.

Salesforce Integration Services & Marketing

Salesforce can do wonders in the domain of marketing. It empowers digital marketers with its impeccable solutions. The marketers not only can create sturdy campaigns but also can keep a close eye – or we must say – bird’s eye view on campaigns’ performance.

A better vision for marketing campaigns helps the team strategize the marketing plan in a personalized manner. Salesforce marketing cloud allows businesses to send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Salesforce Implementation Services and Customer Support

The best of the Salesforce implementation with businesses is that it ensures you don’t miss any customer query. You can effectively keep track of the customers’ issues and offer them proper resolutions within the stipulated time frame.

Salesforce helps the customer service team maintain the data of such queries and customers in a time-effective manner. In return, such efficiency in the process allows businesses to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Salesforce Consulting Services and Management

The management has to deal with multiple reports and analytics daily. If a business is of large scale, getting an effective reporting tool becomes evident. Salesforce also works as an excellent reporting tool.

The solution is compact with an extensive reporting feature which can be seen via an intuitive and robust dashboard. Salesforce makes reporting super easy with its Lightning report builder, which has an easy drag-and-drop option.

Salesforce reporting features that take management to the next level are custom reporting, cross filters, summary formulas, row-level formulas, reporting snapshots, historical trend reporting, filed to field filters, stacked summaries, and joined reports, to name a few.

Custom Salesforce Implementation and Multitenant Architecture

The entire infrastructure of the Salesforce CRM is on a single platform. It means that no matter how big or small the size of your business is, it will not affect the capabilities and features of the Salesforce solutions. Such liberty makes Salesforce the most scalable solution in the world.

Whether you wish to update the records of your data or you want to upgrade the software, or want to execute other essential processes, everything can be done without any hassles and efficiently.

Because of its multitenant architecture, Salesforce provides the users periodic upgrades, daily functions, and many more facilities.

Salesforce Implementation and Business Security

Salesforce is very serious about security issues. Therefore it supports a multi-layered surety model. Salesforce empowers administrators and developers to manage the system on multiple levels.

Salesforce has the option of different kinds of access. It means that users cause rights to the concerned person as per their needs – no more, no less.

There is org-level access, object-level access that works with profiles, record-level accessibility, which is more about role hierarchy, and field-level accessibility, which, evident to its name, offers field-level security.


The best part of Salesforce that makes it a perfect solution for business growth is that it not only serves large-scale enterprises but also caters to the needs of the SMBs so they can garner more significant results.

If you are planning to hire Salesforce consultants or Salesforce consulting companies, now is the right time. It is the time to move on to cloud technology and get the best of this futuristic technology.

Girdhari Lal Sharma
Digital Marketing Specialist of Fexle Services