Why Document Management is Crucial in Salesforce

Why is Document Management Crucial in Salesforce, and what is the Best Solution for it?

Yes, managing documents and information is essential for every business process. You can see that mainly business processes proceed on multiple IT systems, which indicates that the document can be created and evens stored in several different places. However, businesses typically prefer PDF files for storing their documents, and they even consider online PDF converters to convert files to Adobe PDF documents.

Remember that an efficient document management system is essential for boosting your company’s efficiency and supporting your success. So, let’s find out why document management is critical in Salesforce and much more.

Why Document Management in Salesforce?


You can find that many organizations use a DMS to maintain a customer folder entirely. A DMS is a place where all the documents, contracts, and even orders relating to a client are available for reference by employees. Even they store client-related data in PDF file format for security concerns. And, if your DMS involves PDF conversions, then get the best PDF converter free from that legitimate source of the theonlineconverter.com that takes a couple of seconds to convert files to and from PDF document file format.

Bear in mind that any company member can see “at a glance” in Outlook, in which crucial emails were exchanged to fulfill the order requirements. Moreover, they attain direct access to written contact, quickly confirming the original terms. The order confirmation and, later, the overall invoices are automatically saved from the source of the ERP system to the electronic client folder. If you have a Word file packed with essential information, it’s best to convert it into PDF with a PDF converter online and then set its password.


Same as the sales team (who specifically collated information on the organization’s clients), many organizations use electronic supplier files with their DMS. It has a well-structured system in which all the contracts and complaints to suppliers can be found. The collected client information is placed in PDF due to its universal file type. If there’s another format, then proceed with an online PDF converter and let it change file to PDF.


When it comes to accounting, the organization mainly uses a DMS that entirely supports the processing of incoming invoices. This indulges with scanning paper files or even receiving PDF invoices, from which all the data is then automatically extracted and even transferred to the ERP system. If your invoices are packed within PowerPoint format, and you see how to export them as a PDF, this is where PDF converter works best for you.

Remember that invoices are fully approved for payment by simply using an electronic workflow system instead of the slower process of passing around the folders or just leaving things in departmental mailboxes. This approach saves the accounting team time as it eliminates the need to type up and even transfer invoice information manually.


Numerous businesses use the DMS to straight-forwardly map approval processes as not every organization employee will always come with a Salesforce license. Experts revealed that paper-dependent approval processes, including vacation requests or travel places, are probably mapped electronically via the DMS. Besides that, an online PDF converter even also works tremendously for salesforce management if your work involves PDF file conversions.

Let’s look at a small selection of dedicated DMS or ECM suppliers that support integrating their DMS/ECM solution into Salesforce.

Salesforce Document Solution

1. D.velop:

This is referred to as the best solution by d.velop AG, a legitimate developer of enterprise content management systems from Germany with over 12,000 clients. It is loaded with a predefined customer folder file structure. Even now, you can convert files to PDF format while keeping the structure (layout) of the document the same with the help of an online PDF converter.

When it comes to an organization’s DMS solution, this handy program assists you in turning SharePoint into a legitimate document management system.

2. S-Drive:

The great about this solution is that it entirely combines the multiple Salesforce capabilities with Amazon’s secure file storage system. Moreover, if you deal with document files and your preference comes with pdf file transformation, start using an online free version of PDF converter.

S-Drive makes compliance easier to control, as indicated as a native Salesforce file storage and distribution app.

3. OpenText:

OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce is the tool used to integrate OpenText’s ECM with Salesforce. According to analysts, OpenText Corporation is the largest Canadian software company and is often regarded as the market leader in the ECM sector.

Advantages: Large customer base and direct access to OpenText’s digital information platform.

Disadvantages: Access via Salesforce is provided using an iFrame element and not as native integration with the familiar Salesforce look and feel. The underlying ECM system is also focused on enterprise customers – as a result. It is relatively expensive compared to other options.

3. File Manager:

It is a preferable solution that shows all existing files in Salesforce. Quit worrying since all the files are stored in a freely definable folder structure. The most appealing reason to use this handy solution for Salesforce is that it is 100% free and quick to set up. Even you can store your files into PDF as it works as a secure file manager, and you can even convert compatible documents to PDF format with the unrestricted use of a PDF converter.


When choosing a sound document management system, there are certain things to look for. Remember that these systems offer workflow automation integration to help you save money and provide flexibility.

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