11 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Best CRM Software Ever


Customer relationship management (CRM) utilizes strategies for businesses to develop better rapport and relationships with clients. Many organizations employ CRM software, and Salesforce is one of the most popular programs to date. The brand’s revenue in the first quarter of 2022 was approximately $7.38 billion, a jump from the projected $7.26 billion. They’re also expecting $32 billion in revenue in the next fiscal year, showing how the company has found itself in a strong market position.

This projected growth is that many companies have shifted to digital-based CRM strategies amidst the pandemic. In response to the new demands from Covid-19, businesses were able to become much more digitized concerning the services offered to clients. LHH describes this as turning a crisis into an opportunity, as companies can integrate tech to better cater to their customers. With CRM programs, company operations are becoming future-proofed, ensuring that brands can adapt to the needs of their market as quickly as possible. But of all the platforms available today, Salesforce is arguably the best CRM software. Here’s why:

  1. Cloud-based operations
  2. Great features
  3. Personalization capabilities
  4. Better workflow
  5. Analytics generation
  6. Reliable Security
  7. Substantial partner ecosystem
  8. Easy implementation
  9. Scalable
  10. Innovative
  11. Increased chance for success

Cloud-based operations

The Street highlights how Salesforce utilizes the cloud in two ways. The first is through the marketing cloud, which “helps companies track customer journeys while providing multi-channel marketing campaigns.” The second is the service cloud, which “allows companies to connect with customers and deliver premium customer service through showing customer activity and resolving issues.” By focusing on becoming a cloud-based operation, they have provided a much more tailored approach to their customer services.

Great features

Salesforce has excellent features that can be tailor-fit to each company. This includes keeping a profile of all customers, lead management and generation, file syncing and sharing, and a mobile version that lets employees stay updated on the go. All of these make catering to customers much more efficient.

Personalization capabilities

Salesforce also has some of the best personalization capabilities. Teams can create their own KPIs to follow and monitor their strategies’ success. Users can also automate processes like sale approvals to ensure lower backlogs, giving more resources to the other important aspects of CRM.

Better workflow

Salesforce users can auto-assign specific tasks, auto-fill out order forms, and even use the program to send out email alerts to clients instead of having an employee manually do it. This will help teams be more efficient and productive when serving clients.

Analytics generation

Salesforce can collect essential customer data, giving companies better insights into their needs and behaviors. Businesses can forecast what clients may want from them, putting them leagues ahead of the competition. Salesforce can quickly generate user reports or collect data for employees to interpret.

Reliable Security

Salesforce prides itself on being one of the most secure cloud-based CRM programs to date – and it certainly is a well-earned reputation. The program makes it a point to put security first, complying with several international standards such as PCI DSS and SysTrust.

Substantial partner ecosystem

Salesforce encourages professionals to use the program’s AppExchange ecosystem, where they can develop or install solutions applicable to their operations. This can include an extension that automatically discards unnecessary data collected from customers or adding a navigator to dashboards to help streamline task flows. If users can’t find a pre-existing solution among partner apps, they have the choice to create their solutions. This gives Salesforce a vast utility as a CRM.

Easy implementation

Making the switch to using a CRM can quickly be done with Salesforce. The app has a relatively intuitive interface; plus, companies can also train relevant departments on how to maximize their output. This makes the transition to the platform even smoother. You can also opt to have a dedicated Salesforce expert on your team so employees can direct all their questions to them.


Salesforce can offer scalability because of its multitenant platform. The software can easily be shifted from a small organization to a giant corporation, and you can incorporate more clients. Just make sure that the necessary system updates are there, and it should make for a seamless transition for when company operations expand.


The platform also encourages companies to develop creative and unconventional solutions when needed, creating more ingenious ideas to pop up in terms of CRM. This can include finding more ways to automate customer management, hasten the data analysis without losing its quality, and finding alternatives to increase productivity without sacrificing relationships between clients.

Increased chance for success

Because Salesforce offers much functionality, your teams will be able to put in more resources towards building a better rapport with clients. It also increases productivity and communication among employees, increasing your CRM strategy’s chances of success.


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Salesforce continues to innovate year after year. Salesforce is a fantastic company to partner with, and its API ecosystem is enormous. They create new features every year to make their CRM software a market leader even in times of recession. Features like Einstein Analytics, SalesforceIQ, and Heroku make the CRM process more manageable, efficient, and less time-consuming.

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