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Marketing automation solutions based on customer goals


Highlights We build Loyalty Marketing strategies that promote the profitability of the client and the duration of the relationship. We help to develop strong connections, with the aim of increasing Customer Value. We make the lead management process efficient, attracting new customers, improving ROI and delivering qualified leads to your sales force. Our tools allow us to create a complete range of On and Offline lead acquisition strategies. We do endomarketing and internal communication, converting the purpose of your brand into an inspiring and motivating insight, producing commitment in your employees for the fulfillment of corporate objectives. Description Our services start from the customer´s knowledge and the automation of the interactions they have with the brand through the different stages of the relationship. In this way, we outline tactics to achieve highly productive interactions.We manage the most advanced CRM tools and automation (Salesforce, Salesmanago) in order to identify customer behavior through the interactions across the channels, to optimize the Customer Value and Lead Management.

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Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

International: Colombia

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