Salesforce Chatbot Apps Review and Comparison

Salesforce Chatbot App Introduction

Today’s chatbots can do nearly everything a human can do — and much of what they can’t do is debatable. A few short years ago, personal assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa were mere gimmicks. Still, with the rise of mobile culture, they’ve become omnipresent and ingrained into day-to-day vernacular. And if you haven’t tested out a chatbot for your business: what are you waiting for? Whether through an app or the web, the technology is coming, and your customer base will expect a smooth experience that will likely raise the bar higher than you think. Now that we have our objective defined and know we want to develop a chatbot in the Salesforce ecosystem, let’s look at some popular Chatbot Apps to achieve this goal.

Advantages of Chatbots

  1. Reducing patron waiting time: You probably wonder, “How can a chatbot help my company?” Good question. There are many ways to use these new technologies to improve wait time for your clients. Your customers will love your company and appreciate their experience with your business. Chatbots can reduce the time clients spend waiting in line. People get immediate solutions to not unusual questions (about order repute, keep hours, or locations, for instance) in a talk window instead of watching for an electronic mail, a telephone name, or a reaction from every other channel.
  2. Resolving assist instances: Trying to resolve to assist instances is a drag, but chatbots may also help organizations answer questions rapidly, and shopper experiences should be personable. They’re your new best mate in the race to solve aid instances fast. They could immediately reply to truthful questions from prospects and clients, making them more satisfied.
  3. Handling efficient redirects for client inquiries: Have you ever been in this scenario? You’re busy answering a query from a client, typing away, emailing back and forth. In the meantime, however, your client searches for another answer on Google and finds one. Oops! The chances are you won’t even notice. No more! With intelligent chatbots created to work with Salesforce (a CRM), you can automate repetitive processes, such as redirects from inquiries, with just little effort. This is some other AI chatbot energy — bots can right away welcome clients with a branded greeting in a talk window, for instance, and quickly direct them to the sources they need.
  4. Reducing customer-ready time: Chatbots can help customer service, too. You can reduce the time they spend waiting in line by offering your clients a way to interact with a bot when they need immediate answers and don’t have time to wait around. People get quick answers to common questions (approximately order popularity, store hours, or locations, for instance) in a talk window in preference to expecting an email, a cellphone call, or a reaction from another channel.
  5. Providing sellers with leads: Salesforce Chatbot apps make it much easier to get valuable, qualified insight into your customers’ needs, so you know what they’re looking for and can match them to the perfect product/service. Chatbots can make your business more money by increasing lead generation and revenue! When customers call in, you know they’re not calling out of the blue. You can feel confident about talking to someone more qualified, making it easier for you to make a sale. AI chatbots can help open up conversations that human marketers can observe by dealing with initial interactions with a customer or potential customer. A bot could ask a series of relevant questions, for example, and accumulate an email address, delivering a more certified cause, an income rep — who can then use this fact to customize destiny patron interactions.

Salesforce App 1: Qualified Chatbot

Salesforce App 1: Qualified Chatbot

For years, the traditional pipeline technology has remained untouched. We’ve gated content material to generate leads; however, buyers are circumnavigating this procedure by supplying faux facts or heading off paperwork altogether these days. A progressive new set of technologies and strategies has emerged, called the Pipeline Cloud.

Powered by Qualified, the Pipeline Cloud includes 5 key pillars assured to maximize pipeline:

5 key pillars of Qualified Chatbot

  • SALESFORCE-CONNECTED WEBSITE: Connect Salesforce with your website giving you crystal-clean visibility into your website traffic.
  • QUALIFIED CONVERSATIONS: Use live chat, voice calls, video, and chatbots to satisfy the proper buyers at the right moment, right on your website.
  • QUALIFIED SIGNALS: ​​Harness first and 1/3-celebration buyer intent data to cognizance income, advertising, and marketing efforts on money owed with the best propensity to buy.
  • QUALIFIED FOR OUTBOUND: Send personalized outbound emails to target bills, then greet them the instant they click via the web page.
  • QUALIFIED FOR ACCOUNT-BASED ADVERTISING: Customize account-based ad campaigns for goal bills showing high buying motive, then interact with them in real-time after they’re maximum involved.

Salesforce AppExchange Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Features of Qualified Chatbot App

Features of Qualified Chatbot App

  • Engage visitors and capture leads 24/7

Convert your hard-earned website traffic into the pipeline. Capture 30% more leads to your internet site than with forms on my own and connect your sales team with the freshest leads.

  • Automatically qualify inbound leads

Let chatbots ask your maximum vital qualification questions upfront so you can decide precisely how you want your chatbot to deal with each specific visitor.

  • Effortlessly book meetings for sales

Make your website work for you. Identify your most up-to-date internet site traffic, installing chatbots to ebook income meetings across the clock.

  • Route the hottest conversations instantly

Chatbots immediately become aware of Salesforce Prospects, Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities on your website and alert the right income rep to take action.

Critical Benefits of Qualified Chatbot App

Critical Benefits of Qualified Chatbot App

  • Reduce customer wait time

Qualified chatbots to reduce the time clients spend waiting in line. People get instant answers to not unusual questions in a talk window as opposed to anticipating an electronic mail, telephone call, or reaction from some other channel.

  • Resolve support cases

Qualified chatbots act as an organization’s best friend in the race to resolve aid instances rapidly. They can immediately solve trustworthy questions for clients to cause them happier, and they can do that repeatedly. Consequently, fewer cases get logged for guide sellers to solve.

  • Serve up resources that customers need

Qualified chatbots can instantly welcome clients with a branded greeting in a talk window, for instance, and correctly direct them to the assets they were searching for.

  • Identify leads for the business

By coping with preliminary assist interactions with a consumer or prospect, AI-powered chatbots help open conversations for provider marketers to observe. For instance, a chatbot may ask a sequence of applicable questions and acquire an electronic mail cope, handing over a more certified lead to an income rep. They can then use these records to customize destiny patron interactions.

Comparison to other Chat Bot Apps

In comparison to other chatbot apps, It has a five-star rating on app exchange. It is easy to use. You can achieve these results using Purpose-Built for Salesforce, Guaranteed Customer Success, and Human-Centric Selling.


The Qualified chatbot app’s pricing starts at $2,500 USD per company per month.


Purpose-Built for Salesforce: Qualified is founded through Salesforce executives, built on the Salesforce Platform, and the #1 pipeline generation platform on Salesforce AppExchange.

Guaranteed Customer Success: We do “Whatever it takes” to ensure our customers are successful. From kickoff to go-live, we’ll get you up and going for walks in just 30-60 days.

Human-Centric Selling: Qualified believes in humanizing commercial enterprise via on-the-spot, personalized conversations rather than relying on bots. Alert your sales group when a treasured customer is on the website if you want to begin an income meeting in real-time.

Salesforce App 2: Einstein Chatbot App

Salesforce App 2: Einstein Chatbot App

Einstein bot is prominent in assisting people and repeatedly answering the same straightforward questions, leaving customer service representatives more time to help customers with more complex questions or problems. It is created to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions and automate tasks.

Einstein Bot focuses on the customer’s context and understands what the customers are searching for. It gathers all data from the back-end systems for the Bot to take appropriate action.

When the requests get complex, the Bot is smart enough to transfer the case to a human representative. The representative can view prior conversations and activities addressed by the Bot.

Salesforce AppExchange Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Features of Einstein Chatbot App

There are various features of the Einstein chatbot, which are as follows-

  1. Quickly transfer bot conversations.
  2. Train bots to handle multiple scenarios with data sets.
  3. Evaluate & improve the bot experience for customers.

Benefits of Einstein Chatbot App

  1. Send a brief reaction to the clients.
  2. Immediate solutions reduce the quantity of logged cases.
  3. As chatbots handle easy cases, your dealers can consciousness of fixing complex cases.
  4. Send custom-designed greetings and messages to customers to cause them to feel vital.

Implementing Einstein Chatbot App

These are the basic steps to implementing the Einstein Chatbot:

Creating a New Bot:

Before configuring these dialogues, we need to plan our Bot, enable it, and are ready to use it. You can Search for Einstein Bot, From the Service Cloud instance and allow it from the toggle option below.

Creating a New Bot

Once you have enabled the Bot, you can provide Bot Name and Description and set up the Bot profile. As well as make sure to deploy the Bot to your channel.


  • From the channel section, click on Add Button
  • Specify your Channel and search for the deployment for the Bot you have just created before this-

add channel


  • Now, you can choose to Activate / Deactivate the Bot, as shown below

All About Salesforce Einstein Chat Bot Implementation

All About Salesforce Einstein Chat Bot Implementation

Einstein Chatbot App Implementation - Use Case

  • Reduce the frequency of chats handled by CSRs by launching a ChatBot to give the information to the customers.
  • Conduct the customers to the relevant products through ChatBot.
  • Generate cases and gives the case status to the customers without CSR involvement.

Einstein Chatbot App Requirement

  1. Acquire the Service Cloud license and Messaging license or Chat. Each org is given 25 Einstein Bots conversations per month for each user with an active subscription. To fully utilize the Einstein Bots Performance page, acquire the Service Analytics Application.
  2. Enable the Lightning Experience.
  3. Run the Chat guided setup flow.
  4. Enable Salesforce Knowledge if your bot serves Knowledge articles to clients.
  5. Publish a Salesforce site or Experience Cloud site (preferable).
  6. Gives an immerse Chat button for your clients on your community or site.

Limitations of Einstein Chatbot App

There are various limitations of the Einstein bot, which are as follows:

Apex calls before an outbound message - 50
Versions per bot - 20
Variables per bot version - 500
Values for each list variable entity - 200
Utterances per intent - 2,000
Utterances per bot - 10,000
Steps under a group step - 5
Steps per dialog - 50
Quick replies per bot variable operation - 20
Intents per intent set (domain) - 2,000
Items for the Bot Options menu - 5
Active bots per org - 20

Create an Einstein Chatbot App from Scratch

  1. From the Einstein Bots main page, Launch the Guided Setup Flow. For your first bot, just click Create a New Bot. Otherwise, click the New.
  2. Select the Bot from Scratch from the options given and then click Next.
  3. Design your bot’s greeting message. We advised that you introduce your bot as a bot to keep trust with your clients.
  4. Declare menu items for the bot. Each action builds a dialog and adds it to the bot Main Menu then Click Next.
  5. Link your bot to a Chat Deployment. Each bot needs a typical deployment and selecting an existing deployment unlinks it from another bot. To link this bot to a Messaging Channel, skip this step and add your channel on the Bot Overview page.
  6. Click the Next and then Finish. The system finishes the bot creation and enters the Bot Builder Dialog menu.

Understand Einstein Chatbot App Dialogs

  • Dialogs are conversation pieces of code that oversee what your bot can do. You can relate every dialog with a dialog intent which you can use to understand variations in client input.
  • During a conversation with a client, your bot moves between several distinct dialogs. Each dialog holds a portion of the conversation.
  • The following picture gives you an overview of the Dialogs panel.

Chatbot App Dialogs

  • It’s handy to manage your dialogs into groups (1).
  • Add your dialogs as well as groups as required (2).
  • The first dialog you show your client is the Welcome dialog (3). The Einstein Bot Greeting Message you wrote when you built the bot is saved as a message in the Welcome dialog. We provide a Welcome dialog to get you started, but you can create your own and use the action menu (5) to set it to Welcome.
  • After showing the welcome message, the next step the bot performs is to show the Main Menu dialog (4). Utilize the Main Menu dialog to present the primary capacity of your bot to your customers. The menu items you add when building a bot are saved in the Main Menu dialog. We were given a Main Menu dialog to get you started, but you can create your own and use the action menu (5) to set it to Main Menu.
  • We were given basic dialogs to get you started (6). Edit them as required.

Dialog Steps:

There are various dialog steps:

Dialog Steps

It will show an outgoing message from the bot to your clients.

It will collect information or data from your client. Question steps also let your present choices for clients’ responses as menus or buttons.

It will act on your SF data.

It will perform particular tasks based on certain conditions. Activities include: calling a dialog from within the current dialog, redirecting to a distinct dialog, clearing a variable value, turning to an agent, and setting a variable.

Einstein Chatbot App Implementation - Use Case

  • Reduce the frequency of chats handled by CSRs by launching a ChatBot to give the information to the customers.
  • Conduct the customers to the relevant products through ChatBot.
  • Generate cases and gives the case status to the customers without CSR involvement.

Comparison to other Chat Bot Apps

  1. Prospects don’t want to fill out paperwork. Instead, deploy a “Contact us” bot to seize extra Leads.
  2. Expose your public information base to reply to the most commonplace question.
  3. Offer 24/7 customer support and route any request to the right employee.


Einstein Chatbot is accessible on the Salesforce App exchange. Its pricing starts from $20,000 USD per Org per year.


Einstein Bot is a 100% local answer for the Salesforce platform. By supplying wealthy textual content and visible skills in your Einstein Bot, the Einstein Bot UI Enhancer gives a stellar chatbot enjoyment, maintaining customer engagement and growing standard consumer pleasure (CSAT).

Salesforce App 3: Diligent Bot App

Salesforce App 3: Diligent Bot App

  • Enhance and automate the productivity of your Sales and Service team.
  • Enhance customer engagement by letting you stay engaged, conversational, and


  • Automatically generate leads, cases, and other Salesforce standard and custom objects.
  • Gives seamless handoff between your live agents and Chatbot.
  • Authorize your business stakeholders to arrange BOT rules,
  • Give, collect analytics and chat history, and provides client insights for a 360-degree view of your clients.
  • Gives auto Suggestions while a client is typing the input.
  • It is a ChatBot service presented by a conversational interface declared according to your demands. With the help of Diligent Bot, clients can access their data anytime from anywhere with secured activities.

Salesforce AppExchange Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Features of Diligent App

Real-time Services

A diligent bot will work in a Real-time environment with salesforce data, giving us more accurate and real-time operational feasibility.

Analytics and Documents downloads

The diligent app is set to show any curved data to the customer to make the understanding perfect and straightforward along with the documents download feature.

360-degree view of customer data

We designed the diligent bot to be a perfect bridge between the business and the customers with all precautions.

Easy Configuration and Customization

A diligent bot’s customization and configuration will never take more than 1 minute.

Accurate and Fast with 24/7 Availability

The diligent bot will deliver services to the customer 24*7, which will easily overcome the problems with current customer services.

Native Salesforce Application

Everything is built directly into and operates inside SFDC, with no external 3rd party servers or code.

Key Benefits of Diligent Bot

There are various benefits of a diligent bot which are as follows-

Key Benefits of Diligent Bot

By Diligent bot, the Customer can do:

  • Provide real-time feedback.
  • Create or Update Salesforce records.
  • Check availability and schedule calendar appointments; get notifications.
  • Track their Cases, Orders, or any Custom or Standard Salesforce Object data.
  • Upload or Download attachments.
  • Send an Email or escalate to the live agent.

Channels supported by Diligent bot

There are four channels supported by Diligent bot, which are as follows-

Channels supported by Diligent bot

Integration services by Diligent bot

There are various integration services which are as follows-

Integration services by Diligent bot

Comparison to other Chat Bot Apps

  • Fully and natively incorporated with Salesforce and Messenger, Web, and Mobile channels
  • AI & NLP enabled, conversational, analytical, and records drove
  • Fully customizable, and spring with industry-particular pre-constructed regulations


Diligent bot Starts at $100 per company per month.


Diligent Group understands the importance of CRM for agencies and partners with corporations to unleash the power of CRM to power sales growth. We empower to leverage CRM to the fullest and supply B2B & B2C particular CRM offerings.

Salesforce App 4: Ada Chatbot

Salesforce App 4: Ada Chatbot

When you integrate Ada’s chatbot with Salesforce Service Cloud, you get the pleasant-in-best customer support that pairs the power of AI with human contact. Ada automates 80%+ of your front line, so your dealers are freed to consciousness for your backside line. It’s time to experience the quality of each world.

Ada’s native integration with Salesforce seamlessly connects clients with a stay agent while needed. Ada affords the agent context for rapid lightning resolution and an easy purchaser to revel in. When marketers are offline, Ada can immediately create a case in Service Cloud or a lead in Sales Cloud for your sellers to address while your human task force is again online.

Ada’s Salesforce integration lets agencies supply personalized, computerized interactions that drive self-carrier behaviors and immediate decisions. Ada hands off to the sales or assists crew in Salesforce via Live Agent when human assistance is needed, creating a case or growing a lead when human help is required.

More than ever, organizations want to scale customer conversations. Consume when human assistance is needed these days want to feel valued and want their interactions with brands to be frictionless and meaningful, mainly as we have interaction more significant digitally on our telephones, on social, via text messaging, and in-app. The actionable insights from higher patron engagement incentivize companies to reach out proactively with computerized, personalized messaging. In 2021, Ada centered on moving client conversations from reactive to proactive, driving engagement and sales. The AppExchange is the correct vicinity for Salesforce clients to get started.

Salesforce AppExchange Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Features of Ada’s bot App features

No Code Deployment:

Ada’s automatic chatbot may be built without dependence on IT. Ada puts construction electricity inside the hands of non-technical CX teams who know customers nicely. Within 30 days of launching the automation-first guide with Ada, corporations enjoy at least a 30% reduction in consumer inquiry extent, shorter wait times for support, and advanced CSAT.

Best-in-Class NLU:

Ada’s proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) version permits chatbots to understand client purposes immediately with just 7-10 training questions. Ada’s latest benchmarking evaluation located that Ada’s AI outperforms the competition on the measures of predictability and accuracy by 14% on average. Even earlier than hitting the ship, Ada’s Predictive Suggestions expect the purchaser’s question and proactively provide associated subjects to reduce purchaser attempt.

Knowledge Lookup:

Ada’s conversational AI recognizes when it does not have an answer to a purchaser’s question. In that case, Ada can search the prevailing know-how base and offer relevant articles in the chat interface to promote self-carrier.

Fluent in a hundred+ Languages:

Ada’s AI-powered platform enables agencies to speak with clients around the sector. With Ada, you could build a chatbot in one language and carrier clients by clicking a button in over one hundred languages. Ada also can car-hit upon a purchaser’s selected language from a typed query and immediately transfer to their desired language.

Multi-Channel Support:

In the carrier of powering extra patron interactions than ever earlier, Ada’s conversational AI enables fully computerized and hybrid chatbot-human aid interactions on the net, in-app with Ada’s SDKs, and across social channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Drive Agent Efficiency

Optimize human interactions by supplying retailers with a talking history and customer information while a case is routed from your chatbot. NO CODE & rapid time to fee Non-technical teams can easily create, edit, and manipulate chatbot solutions with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Launch with Ada in just 30 days. Einstein bots will take around a month to go live.

Impress with a Personal Touch

Engage your customers with a proactive, personalized guide by integrating Ada with your backend structures.

Key benefits of ADA

Integration of Salesforce with Ada’s AI-powered chatbots has produced customer service bots that could work 24/7 and control over 100 languages. They have been shown to reply to over eighty% of patron inquiries without wanting live retailers to get concerned for the remaining automatic Customer service (ACX) experience. Ada’s AI chatbots executed a fantastic 90% CSAT score, a test of synthetic intelligence software’s ability to simulate human interplay.

Over the last decade, patron expectations have evolved nearly as quickly as generations. Almost 66% of current clients refuse to wait extra than 2 mins to get hold of support, setting valuable sales capacity in jeopardy. Automating Salesforce chats with Ada can lessen consumer wait times from 1 hour to, most effective, 1 minute or much less. The adaptive nature of AI-powered chatbots permits clients to self-service and take management of their own, enjoying the use of correct predictions and hints based on past interactions with the web chatbot.

Salesforce Integration with ADA

These are the various steps for integration which are as follows-

Step 1:

  • Prepare Ada, build your chat deployment, and transfer settings.
  • Access Salesforce Live Agent settings in Ada and paste your Salesforce information into your configurations.
  • In Salesforce, navigate Service Setup and create a new deployment.
  • In Ada, copy the strings of letters and numbers following the generated URLs in Salesforce into the Deployment and Organization ID fields.
  • Locate your Salesforce area URL and paste it into Ada.

Step 2:

  • Configure a new linked app in Salesforce
  • Navigate to the App Manager in Salesforce and fill out the required fields within the New Connected App tab with the statistics on your commercial enterprise and Ada setup.
  • Enable OAuth Settings to open the API alternatives. Use the redirect URL within Ada’s Salesforce Live Agent settings for the callback URL in Salesforce.
  • Select the “Access and control your information” and “Perform requests for your behalf at any time” scopes, then put off the checkmark after Require Secret for Web Server Flow to disable.

Step 3:

  • Configure OAuth Policies, Queues, and Routing and Create Chat Button ID
  • Navigate to the Manage Connected Apps and select the app you just built up.
  • Edit OAuth policies such that accredited customers are about to “All users may additionally self-authorize”; IP rest is set to “Relax IP regulations”; and Refresh Token Policy is about to “Refresh token is legitimate until revoked.”
  • Navigate to Routing Configurations and whole the necessary fields in either a brand new or current routing configuration, including Routing Priority, Routing Model, and Units or Percentage of Capacity
  • Navigate to Queues and create a new queue by way of supplying a queue name, electronic mail-supported gadgets, and members.
  • Select Skills under Chat or Live Agent and create or edit a talent.
  • Navigate to Chat Button below Service Setup and create a new chat button by filling in the primary information fields and the call, type, and routing statistics.
  • Copy your button ID into Ada below Link Salesforce, then click Allow.

Companies that used ADA

Companies that used ADA

Comparison to other chatbot apps

We chose Ada over Einstein because Ada learns on its own has clean-to-use reporting to see where we aren’t meeting customers’ wishes and was reason-constructed to offer the excellent automated consumer experience that our customers deserve and need.


ADA bot Starts at $2,999 per company per month.


The ADA app is better in comparison to the chatbot app because it can be used by large businesses. It is easy to use as well as it can be afforded by the Client. Ada’s chatbot solutions area unit is obtainable in 100+ languages and doesn’t need writing skills, therefore your client service team could also be ready to integrate the chatbot into your website while not further school support. Then, ADA permits you to trace client behavior and agent performance. It’s straightforward to grasp that answers you continue to ought to develop and integrate into the larva, and the way several agents you wish to apportion to talk each shift.

For Qualified Bot, as soon as the bot has completed its thing, the conversation is seamlessly passed to a Salesforce agent, allowing them to pick up where the bot left off. The Salesforce agent can see the history of the conversation between the customer and the bot, and the customer overview is pre-filled with data collected by the bot.

Einstein Bot focuses on the customer’s context And understanding of what the customers are searching for. It gathers all data from the back-end systems for the Bot to take appropriate action. When the requests get complex, the Bot is smart enough to transfer the case to a human representative seamlessly.

It is a Diligent Chat Bot service presented by a conversational interface declared according to your demands. With the help of Diligent Bot client can access his data anytime from anywhere with secured activities.

The ADA Bot is perfect for organizations that want to scale customer conversations. Consumers these days want to feel valued and want their interactions with brands to be frictionless and meaningful, mainly as we have interactions more significant digitally on our telephones, on social, via text messaging, and in-app clients to get started.

App Name Qualified Bot Einstein Bot Diligent Bot ADA Bot
AppExchange Rating 5/5 stars 5/5 stars 5/5 stars 5/5 stars
Pricing $2,500 per company/month Free Starts at $100 per company/month Starts at $2,999 per company/month

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